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My Pitbull named Trigger AKA Trigonometry | Chronicles of a Murderdog

I call him Trigonometry as he is complex.  A complex Pitbull of large proportions.  His breed is technically full American Pitbull Terrier, he's a big black boy with the most beautiful brown undercoat. He has a patch of white on his chest and little white "stars" behind each paw.   I call him Murderdog but he hasn't killed anyone yet.  It's unfair to call him "Aggressive" per say, but "terrier" mode is a real thing and when he's in it, he can't be trusted. 

Trigger is a rescue dog.  He was adopted mostly by my last boyfriend Shawn.  We were living together at the time on 40 acres in BFE. My dog, Ruckus the Ariedale Lab mix, was free to roam the property and Shawn seemed a bit jelous of our bond.  He wanted his own best friend.  What he really wanted was a Cane Corso, one of the largest breed dogs you can get.  They look a lot like Gozer from Ghost Busters.  Not only are they large, they need a special diet and don't live that long.  I'm sorry to say, all I saw was dollar signs in every regard. Even though the dog would be primarily his and we weren't technically sharing money, his lack of finances affected me. Simply put, he was always borrowing money from me and could barely afford a rescue. I begged for him to open his mind to a pure bred rescue Pitbull AKA Pibble, AKA Murderdog. 

That is when Trigger's photo appeared on the local Facebook.  Facebook is good for something I guess. He was being fostered by a girl who had another dog.   He was 8 months at the time, so still a puppy.  He was a pure bred and one look at an 8m pup, I had Shawn convinced.  He came to us named Nightmare.  Possible foreshadowing of unrelated events to come.

Trigger AKA Nightmare, was living in the highest elevation town in the country, Leadville. He had been rescued from the Humane Society after spending his first 8 months outside during the winter where he endured freezing temperatures and a ton of snow.  His doggie family all lived together and his daddy was mean.  So mean, he would tear apart his puppies.  The Humane Society intervened. They took the remaining pups, put down Daddy dog and re-homed the rest.  Trigger came to us neutered and little "off". 

Ruckus the Ariedale took on Momma role immediately.  Trigger was not a big fan of people, women mostly.  He liked men OK but would kind of slink around and spend all his time outside. He hated indoors.  Then the boys in the house, Shawn and friends, would wrestle with him. He loved it but learned that biting is ok when it's playful.

All of these things combined, aggressive bloodlines (dad), being raised outside in a dog only environment, learning from his new dad (Shawn) that its OK to wrestle and bite if you love someone, created my bestest friend, Trigger AKA Murderdog. 


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